Call for Speakers

WordCamp Manchester needs you! To make WordCamp a success we need some fantastic speakers!

What Kind of Talks Are We Looking For?

In the spirit of WordCamp we want talks on a broad range of topics to include lots of lovely people who use WordPress in all sorts of ways.

Technical Talks

You know the score by now – these kind of talks are the back bone of WordCamps. It would be great if you could come up with a talk with a new / different angle, a personal experience or some cool things you have made.

Design Talks

Are you a front end designer / coder? How do you use WordPress to make your ideas come to life? Have you been doing interesting things with JavaScript, been using interesting frameworks or just plain wowed your client with what you can achieve with WordPress? We want to hear your stories.


Do you write a personal blog? Do you write for articles for business sites to help explain their product, their support pages, or outreach? Do you work in the less corporate environments of music or Charity sites? Are you an SEO that helps businesses create great content for their search rankings? If so we want to hear from you! What makes a great article? How do users respond to your content?


Do you know the top 10 things an any WordCamper can do to make their sites more secure? Or do you work for a major company that has taken WordPress security to the next level? (or anything in between) we want to hear from you!


We’ve missed your brilliant idea off our list? Even better – we are looking for some great ideas for talks so please go ahead and apply!

Lightning talks

There will also be the opportunity to sign up to do a 5 minute lightning talk on the day if the thought of doing a longer talk gives you the heebie geebies.

How To Apply

So you’ve got a great idea? Cool here are some things to consider before applying to speak.

  • All talks (except lightning talks) will be filmed and will be uploaded onto after the conference has ended.
  • Please make sure that your talk adheres to WordCamp Central community standards
  • Talks will be 20 mins with 10 mins for questions.
  • We would like a copy of your slides one week before the conference.
  • You will receive a free WordCamp ticket, but we are unable to pay for accommodation or travel expenses.

We will select your talk based on the title and description you give us (so it’s worth putting some thought into this). Once your talk has been selected you may not significantly change the topic of your talk, although you can tweak the wording of the title if you wish.

If you live outside the EU, please make sure that you have a visa to travel to the UK, or are aware of the requirements for getting a visa before you apply. Be aware this may involve significant costs to you including getting documents translated into English. More details on applying for a visa.

Apply To Speak

The deadline is August 13th, use the form below to apply: